Our commitment

Sustainability is the foundation for everything we do at Clarivate

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Focusing our actions on the greater good

Sustainability is at the core

We know that in order to drive measurable business and societal impact, we need to embrace a comprehensive, holistic approach to sustainability. We have created an interconnected, shared purpose that guides every decision we make in order to improve social, economic and environmental issues worldwide.

“When we work together, we have tremendous power to make a positive, lasting impact on our business, our customers, our communities and our world.”

Jonathan Gear


Accelerating our contributions to a more sustainable world

Aligning our goals and actions to our global community

Our Corporate Sustainability goals are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help us stay focused on what matters most to our global community. We have identified meaningful, collective actions and ways we can measure our progress not just once a year, but continuously, to accelerate our impact and position us to do great things for years to come.

Becoming part of  the solution

We’ve woven sustainability into everything we do

At Clarivate, we help our customers solve some of the world’s toughest challenges through innovation and ingenuity. Our culture of relentless problem solving combined with some of the brightest, most resourceful and experienced people across the globe will continue to drive our sustainability impact today and for future generations.

Paving a path to carbon neutrality.
Committing to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
Maintaining the highest level of trust, transparency and ethics.

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