Maximize the impact of your country's research and innovation

Mobilize your national research capacity to advance the knowledge frontier and improve human welfare

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Maximize the impact of your country's research and innovation

Drive research, development and innovation to accelerate positive real-world outcomes

With access to a single source of globally trusted research and innovation data for evidence-informed decision making, you can confidently evaluate the real-world outcomes of your programs, implement data-driven policy and foster innovation to bolster your nation’s economic productivity.

  1. Confidently set strategic priorities and policy by anticipating tomorrow’s challenges
  2. Ensure effective monitoring & evaluation of your research and funding programs to underpin a strong impact agenda
  3. Stimulate public-private partnerships as one pillar of a robust triple-helix of government, industry and academic collaborations
  4. Develop a strategy to support healthcare pricing, market access and reimbursement
  5. Drive economic growth and competitiveness that supports the development of breakthrough solutions to global challenges through an impactful and efficient IP program
  6. Foster the confidence, safety and reliability that consumers demand and markets rely on

Insights and information, backed by robust, high quality data

Our research intelligence makes it easier for you to access, analyze and apply data-driven insights, meaning you can make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  1. Access billions of datapoints from thousands of sources through a single source
  2. Inform better decision-making with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across your teams with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations

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