Commercial and launch strategy

Respond to evolving customer dynamics and value drivers

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Strategically launch and position your product in the market for maximum patient benefit and transform your sales and account management strategies and skillsets in response to evolving customer dynamics and value drivers.

Take advantage of our comprehensive datasets, analytics and cross-functional team’s experience and knowledge to build and execute your commercial launch strategy, differentiate your product and ensure success across the product lifecycle. Our best-in-class data stack and robust methodologies provide insight into the constantly changing influences over care decisions, including clinical standards of care, system and payer affiliations, digital influence and more. When combined with our market expertise, your sales teams can effectively engage the right contacts and uncover sales opportunities not seen by other vendors.

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Integrated patient journey mapping

  • Identify opportunities to influence treatment choice and drive positive health outcomes
  • Understand how patients are currently being treated and the factors driving physician’s prescribing behavior
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the clinical, financial, attitudinal and informational aspects of key events along the patient journey
  • Holistically view disease progression and physician interactions, including claims, EHR, primary market research and social intelligence
  • 300M+ patients (over 3 years), with the ability to link multiple aspects of the patient care experience

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Physician influencer and KOL identification

  • Take a multi-pronged approach to KOL tracking, ranking by network affiliations, digital and social influence, and peer-to-peer status

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Account segmentation and targeting

  • Determine what matters to stakeholder segments and the evidence you need to generate to build proof points
  • Identify the key stakeholders and how they control access and influence uptake
  • Prioritize the networks, facilities and providers with the greatest potential to drive commercial success and patient outcomes

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Product and launch planning

  • Identify where your product is ideally positioned in the future market
  • Determine your product’s value and how to drive maximum success through development and commercial activities
  • Understand how to prioritize your portfolio with regards to commercial potential and risk
  • Use data-driven planning for indication and geographic expansion

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Brand tracking and optimization

  • Understand which physicians are prescribing your product, to whom, where and when
  • Determine where you are positioned in the market and why
  • Understand perceptions about your brand and its attributes
  • Track relevant new competitors
  • Compare the reputation of your brand to that of your competitors

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Value messaging

  • Determine how to maximize product and portfolio value and minimize the risk
  • Understand the content and channels that providers, patients and payers are using and how they are influencing their decisions

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Sales force effectiveness

  • Provide your sales professionals with the skills they need to address the challenges presented by today’s complex customer ecosystem
  • Build common language and hierarchy into your market access data to maximize its usability by multiple teams
  • Align your workgroups with common data
  • Create a short list of potential partners with experience in your therapy area
  • Provide transparency for your teams
  • Build organizational confidence around your data

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Solutions for commercial and launch strategy

Gain clarity and insights into what’s happening in your target market

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