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Understanding the state of intellectual property in chemistry and life science is essential for scientific discovery and research and development (R&D). But finding relevant information from among the vast content out there can be complex and time-consuming.

We make it easy. As a trusted leader in life science IP, Clarivate delivers the intelligence you need to innovate with speed and confidence. We combine authoritative research, curated patent data, powerful AI technology, and domain expertise to support the commercial success of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

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  • Unravel the complex strands of biological sequences with access to the most comprehensive data collection including GENESEQ, WOGENE and GENEBANK.
  • Understand the global patent landscape and assess competitor activity to stay a step ahead in the race to innovate.
  • Evaluate chemistry innovation novelty quickly and accurately with patent and scientific literature intelligence designed just for research chemists.

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